• Jan Hunter

Autumn Photography Tips

If you need some inspiration, here are a few golden rules for you to think about when you're out with your camera this Autumn.

Landscape or Close-up?

Don't over-plan your photography trip. If you go out intending to photograph landscapes and the light isn't right for the scene you had in mind, look for some close-up shots instead - you're sure to be surrounded by subjects like this dandelion head photographed by Wendy Rowe.

Image: Wendy Rowe

Light and Atmosphere

It's often the light, not the location, that makes a stunning scene.

Image: Mick Byrne

Do Your Gardening!

Remember to tidy away dead leaves and twigs that might spoil your shot, and avoid a messy background so that your subject really stands out.

Simple Colour Palette

Don't confuse the eye with too many colours in your images, simple is often best.

Image: Paula Major

Look for Reflections

Take advantage of still days to capture stunning reflections. There is often less wind late in the day.

Image: Mark Leppard

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