• Jan Hunter

What is a Firmware Upgrade?

If you've never upgraded your camera's firmware, you may experience occasional issues with the camera, or compatibility with accessories.

Just like a computer, your camera uses software which should be updated from time to time. Camera manufacturers release firmware upgrades to correct problems reported by users and improve camera performance.

How do I Upgrade My Camera's Firmware? 

First of all, find the manufacturer's website and look for upgrades/downloads. You should find a list of upgrades for your model.

Format your camera's memory card using your camera, then connect the card to your computer and download the upgrade onto the card.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter to upgrade the firmware. Be particularly careful to use a fully charged battery in your camera and make sure that your camera doesn't get switched off during the process or you will corrupt the software, making your camera impossible to use. This can only be fixed by returning your camera to the manufacturer for repair!

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