• Jan Hunter

To Mush or Not to Mush?

The question is to mush or not to mush? What’s mush? It’s when you have some of the foreground/background out of focus enough that it becomes mush.

Now some people love a bit of mush and some people hate it and then there are others who like it in certain places in an image. So ask yourself how do you feel about it. I specifically chose this shot as it usually polarises people its a Marmite shot basically. There is a reason for the mush in the foreground in this shot and that because at the base of the stump was a whole load of very bright leaves that were distracting if I did the standard shot I didn't like them so I moved the angle of the shot so that a little undulation in front of the tree stump became my foreground and as I was focused on the squirrel this was far enough in front to be thrown out of focus. And no the squirrel didn't sit there waiting whilst I did all that he came I took a couple of shots, I adjusted, waited, he came, I took some shots, I adjusted settings/position, waited you can see the pattern!

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